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Terms and Conditions 2020 & 2021


Tour programmes with packages that include rooms in 3 star hotels, booked and subsequently cancelled shall be subject to cancellation charges as follows:

  • Up to 60 days before start date ~ administration fee only: $300 per person.
  • 60 days – 40 days ~ 30% of rate
  • 39 – 25 days ~ 35% of rate
  • 24 - 16 days ~ 45% of rate
  • 15 days or less before arrival ~ 60% of rate
  • Without notice or after arrival in Bhutan ~ 100%
  • Upon arrival in Bhutan requests to change hotels: no refund. New hotel charges applicable.

Packages that include 4* and 5* hotels: the cancellation deadlines of the hotels will prevail and these charges will be separate from the charges quoted above for the tour package. Most luxury hotels have a 60 or 45- day cancellation requirement after which 100% cancellation charges apply. We will advise of the specific cancellation terms for each hotel in a separate email on request.

Visa refund

100% refund if the visa has not been issued.

No refund if visa has already been issued.

Druk Air and Bhutan Airlines

Ticket cancellation/change as per Druk Air and Bhutan Airlines terms and conditions. Druk Air cancellation terms are summarized below for your convenience but latest airline terms and conditions relative to the ticket type will always apply:

  • 90% refund permitted for tickets cancelled 32 days and more before the date of travel.
  • 75% refund permitted for tickets cancelled from 12 – 31 days before the date of travel.
  • 50% refund permitted for tickets cancelled between 6 – last 11 days before the date of travel.
  • No Refund for tickets cancelled 05 days or less before the date of travel.
  • No Show: No refund permitted.

Date changes after the issuance of tickets: USD $25. No refunds permitted after first date change.

Name changes: Permitted upon payment of USD $50 up to 3 days prior to departure.

Cancellation administration fee: $25

Delayed Departures and Arrivals

There is no charge of government royalty for delays in departure because of weather conditions disrupting flights or due to road blocks. The tourist must however bear the cost of food, accommodation, transportation, and other services required, unless the airline accepts some or all of these costs. Bhutan Visit is not responsible for these costs. In the event of a delayed arrival government royalties only will be refunded.


All clients are advised to have their own travel insurance which covers them adequately for a trip to the Himalayas and suitable for their age bracket and activities to be undertaken. Bhutan has a good hospital in Thimphu but any serious illness or accident would require evacuation to a nearby country with more sophisticated facilities than those available in Bhutan or evacuation back to the visitor’s home country.

Any change of itinerary due to illness or health inconvenience would require an extra payment to cover hotel cancellation and rebooking charges. All hotels have a 100% cancellation policy at short notice. In the event that a person has to separate from the group charges for an extra guide and vehicle, if required, are applicable.

In the event that a domestic flight is cancelled, the airline does not guarantee a replacement flight in the same day or even the next day. We will make all the arrangements necessary if the journey has to be done by road instead. In this instance, if a change of hotels is required, that new cost must be borne by the client and reclaimed from their insurance. The airline will refund the flight cost but does not accept responsibility for other costs incurred.

In the event of a vehicle mishap, your vehicle is covered by Bhutanese vehicle insurance. The sums insured are relative to the Bhutanese context and may not be considered sufficient by standards in your home country. Hence, our advice is to ensure that you have adequate travel insurance cover from your home country.

Fines and Penalties incurred by the tourist

Payment of any fines or penalties incurred by the tourist is the sole responsibility of the tourist. The unauthorized flying of drones, making of documentary or other types of films without the proper permits and illegal importation of cigarettes without payment of the 200% tax are some examples of infractions that would incur such fines and penalties.

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