About our trekking adventures

The trekking experience in Bhutan is still unique – only a few thousand visitors go trekking every year. We offer a variety of treks for all seasons, lasting anything from 4 days to 30 days and ranging from the reasonable to the strenuous. There is no better way to experience Bhutan than to go on a trek. Discover the untouched beauty of the Himalayan mountains and forests and trek through valleys dotted with small turquoise lakes. The views of the Himalayan mountain ranges and peaks are truly awe- inspiring and trekking allows you to reach the base of some of Bhutan’s unclimbed mountains. On a trek you will also witness the unique lifestyles of the semi-nomadic groups encountered in the higher altitudes. They have their own customs and costumes and live in small villages for part of the year and in yak-hair tents during the warmer months.

Our Services

Enjoy the luxury of top-class services on trek. Our team of experienced guides, cooks and waiters keep you happy and well-fed on the mountains and your bags are carried by ponies. You only need to carry a small day-pack. At camp, sleep in quality tents and relax in a dining tent with chairs, tables and lamps. We provide you with a rubber mat and a foam mattress. You only need to bring your own below-zero quality sleeping bag, which you may wish to line with a fleece liner for extra comfort. Morning “bed-tea” and a bowl of hot washing water brought to your tent every morning – these are some of the comforts and facilities offered.Before departure we will send you a packing list to ensure that you don’t forget any of the essentials and that you don’t bring along any unnecessary items.

Cultural Sightseeing included

All our trekking adventures include a short cultural tour of at least three or four days staying in hotels and sightseeing. If you want to stay longer, we can tailor-make the itinerary for you. Accommodation, when not on trek, is in tourist hotels and we offer a range of hotel and room categories to suit your preferences.

The Trekking Season

The trekking season for high altitude treks is from April to June and mid-September to mid-November. Low altitude treks are open during the winter months.

April to June and mid-September to mid-November.
12D/ 11NDruk Path Trek (5-day trek)
Trek the former path linking Paro and Thimphu. Lakeside and mountain-top camps and views of the Jumolhari and Gangkhar Puensum mountains. You may meet yak-herders on the way but villages are few. Highest pass: 34,090mts.
14D/13NJomolhari Trek (8-day or 7-day trek)
Trek to the base of the Jumolhari mountain alongside a glacier-fed river, through thick forests and a few villages. Two route options are possible. Fantastic views of Jichu Drakey,Tsheringma and Masang peaks. Highest pass: 4,820mts.
20D/19NLaya Trek (14-day trek)
One of the most beautiful and varied treks in Bhutan. Meet the people of Laya with their unique yak-wool clothes and semi-nomadic lifestyle. Trek to Jumolhari and on to Laya (3,800mts). Descend to Gasa dzong and hot-spring baths then on through orchid-laden forests to sub-tropical Punakha. Highest pass: 4,900mts.
12D/11NDagala 1000 Lakes Trek (7-day trek)
Camp beside the numerous lakes high in the mountains and enjoy views of a multitude of peaks. Reach the summit of Mt Jomo at 5050mts.
16D/15 NDur Hot Spring Trek (7-day trek)
Climb through thick forests and open pasture areas to the highest pass at 4,700mts. Descend to the hot spring baths which line the river banks.
17 – 19NWilderness Bhutan Trek via India or Paro (11-day trek)
Experience the splendour of nature in a little-explored region of Bhutan. A great way to reach the isolated eastern villages of Lhuntse and Yangtsi. Highest pass: 3,700 mts.
19D/18NGangkar Puensum Trek (9-day trek)
Get a close-up view of Gangkar Puensum (7564m), the highest unclimbed peak in the world. Highest pass: over 5,000mts.
29D/28 NLunana Snowman Trek (24-day trek)
A very challenging trek over difficult mountainous terrain, through very isolated villages.

14D/13NOwl Trek (3-day trek)
A short trek with a variety of scenery, ending at Tharpaling monastery (3,000mts), Bumthang. A high-altitude trek for Spring and Autumn. Beautiful in November.
14D/13NBumthang Cultural Trek (2-day trek)
A short trek passing through mixed forests, several villages and pilgrimage sites associated with Bhutan’s most famous religious figures. Highest pass: 3,600mts.
9D/8NGangtey Trek (3-day trek)
Explore the high, wide Phobjikha valley (3,000mts) and wind your way up to the village of Gogona before descending to 1, 300mts near Wangdi. From November, the rare black-necked cranes can be seen.
10D/9NSamtengang Winter Trek (Low Altitude) (4-day trek)
A gentle trek in the warm Punakha valley, visiting temples and villages set amongst rice fields. Camp by the lake at Samtengang.
11D/12NNabji Trail. (Low Altitude winter trek) (6-day trek)
Passing through 6 villages where traditional crafts are practiced, and ranging from 693 - 1,636 mts, you will see a variety of flora and perhaps spot the rare golden langur monkey as well as many colourful birds.