Gangkar-Pun-Sum Trek

This trek offers pure adventure. One of the highlights is crossing a pass at more than 5,000mts. (17,300ft), near walls of ice-sheeted rocks. Experience the purity of the air and the crystal-clear view of mt. Gangkar Punsum (24,900ft). Gangkar Punsum means “three siblings” and is the highest unclimbed peak in the world.

The mere sight of the numerous saw-toothed ridgelines has kept explorers at bay and only the adventure-seekers venture near this rarely explored mountain. This scared mountain is the subject of many a legend. Blessed by Guru Rimpoche, it is a pilgrimage site for Buddhists.

The trekking route brings you through forests of giant rhododendron trees, bamboos, silver fir, oak and other species of plants at an elevation of 3,000mts. Higher up, at an elevation of 4000mts, seven species of dwarf rhododendron can be seen.  Depending on the season, flora in colours of every hue nourish the mountain residents such as musk deer, snow leopard, blue sheep, takin, marmots.  Equally matching the clours of the flowers are the birds such as Monal Pheasant, Blood Pheasant, Impheyan Pheasant, Snow Pigeons and golden Eagles.

Many of the plants that grow above 4500mts have medicinal value and are widely used in oriental pharmacy. Some are very rare. The breath-taking views, crystal-clear streams, sightings of rare, legendary animals and the scent of the plants give the impression of being in the realm of an extraordinary world. This is the particular atmosphere of the grand, natural world of the Himalayas.

In the autumn, the sky is cloud-free and during the day you will enjoy views of spectacular mountains, ridges, and deep gorges as far as your eye can reach. The night provides a perfect opportunity to gaze at the distant heavens,, the celestial stars gazing directly upon you, shooting stars disappearing in the blink of an eye and the Milky Way looking like a highway towards some celestial palace.

This trekking tour offers you everything – a demanding trek with stunning mountain views, immersion in the countryside, and cultural sightseeing in the major towns of Bhutan. You will visit Paro, Thimphu, Punakha, Wangdi, Trongsa, and Bumthang.  The images of the solitary houses on hills, the noble forts blessed by Buddhism, the fluttering prayer flags everywhere, the smiling people and the majestic mountains will stay in your mind for years to come..


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