Buddha Dharma can be practised by anyone. It is the universal truth. Buddhism is the science of mind to understand self and it is a philosophy. Simplicity is important for happiness. Having few desires, feeling satisfied with what you have is vital. Many are making a great effort to control external things- like arms control. Nevertheless, without being able to control inner things, how can you control external things?

Real arms control is to control anger. Now I am talking as a human being, not as a Buddhist monk. This I think is most important, because ideology and religion are for human beings, not the other way round. They are secondary. Emphasis should be on humanity. My religion is very simple- my religion is kindness.

There is so much effort spent on external matters, like space travel. However, there is still quite a big area of inner space left to explore. Moreover, it is not expensive! People think patience is weakness. I think not. Anger comes from fear, and fear from weakness. Therefore, if you have strength then you have more courage. This is where patience comes from. Deep down we must have real affection towards each other, a clear recognition of our shared humanity. We are all interdependent. At the same time, we must accept all ideologies and systems as a means of solving humanity’s problems.

At the centre of the wheel of life are the three poisions: Anger, Passion and Ignorance represented by three animals the pig, the cockrel and the snake. The pig represents ignorance, the cockrel represents passion and the snake represents anger. It is these three forces that drive us to produce our karmic movement. Surrounding the hub is a circle divided into white and black. The white half represents the higher state and the black half represents to lower state. The wheel of life itself is divided into six samsaric realms.