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A professional one-stop service for flights, tour packages and visas for Bhutan.

We are specialists in travel to Bhutan and we are based here in Thimphu, the capital of Bhutan. We make booking your trip easy because we arrange the entire trip, including flights into the country and a fully-inclusive private tour of any duration in a choice of hotels. In addition, we process the visa for you. You only need to book a connecting flight from your home country to Delhi, Bangkok or any of the other airports serving Bhutan flights.

On our website you can choose from a variety of package tours and treks in Bhutan. Find out about hotels and guesthouses. Learn how to get to Bhutan, how to get a Bhutan visa and when to go to this little-known Buddhist kingdom in the Himalayas. Take a dramatic flight into Paro, the only international airport in this tiny Himalayan kingdom and enjoy a vacation that has consistently been voted as a favourite by the readers of many travel magazines such as National Geographic, Conde Nast’s Traveler, and Wanderlust. This really is a trip of a lifetime and Bhutan Visit is the company you can trust to show you the best of the Kingdom of Bhutan.

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