Helicopter Tours Now Available

Bhutan Helicopter Sightseeing ToursBhutan Helicopter Sightseeing Tours are now possible.

Bhutan’s first ever Helicopters have arrived! In June this year (2016) Bhutan took delivery of its second light single engine range. Extremely powerful, this helicopter offers the largest cabin in its category and comes with an elegant “Stylence” interior designed for VIP transport and panoramic helitour flights. Each helicopter can seat up to seven passengers and one pilot.

The first ever helicopter in Bhutan was delivered in November 2015 and has been a huge success. Both helicopters are available for hiring to tourists and locals and it is used by the government for emergency rescue, firefighting and airlifting patients from remote locations to the referral hospital in the capital, Thimphu.

Bhutan Helicopter Sightseeing Tours

First ever helicopter arrives in Bhutan.

The people of Lunana, situated high in the mountains have found the helicopter service particularly useful. It takes them a week to walk to their isolated mountain villages along difficult trails so clubbing together to rent the helicopter has become a popular option for them.

About the Helicopter

Both helicopters are Airbus Ecureuil H130 models. The H130 is the quietest helicopter in the

The helicopters are also equipped to provide Emergency Medical and Evacuation Services which provides reassurance for trekkers in the high-altitude mountains, amongst others.

Bhutan Helicopter Sightseeing Tours

These tours are offered only in Spring and Autumn for the best views in clear weather.  The below tours are just a few suggestions. Contact us for more ideas.

Tour NameDescriptionPrice starting from (maximum capacity)
Jhomolhari Mountain Views mountain A spectacular 30-minute tour of the Jhomolhari $525 per person
Visit Gasa and its dzong with a 50 minute stop-over to visit the dzongA 70-minute panoramic flight from Paro to Gasa$1,850 per person
Paro to Bumthang the panoramic mountain views.Avoid the 8-hour drive to Bumthang and enjoy $1,575 per person


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