Getting a visa

How to Apply for a Visa

All visas must be processed prior to entering the country. There are no embassies or missions abroad that can issue Bhutanese Tourist visas. The visa formalities are taken care of by your tour operator. You will be asked to complete a visa application form on or off line once you have booked your tour. The visa costs US$40 for a stay of up to 2 weeks and the cost will be added to your invoice.  There is nothing to pay on arrival at the airport but the actual visa is stamped in your passport upon arrival in Bhutan.

Click here for visa application form

How to Book

Booking with us is simple. You do not have to know your exact plans and dates at this stage, since our reservation form serves as a tentative reservation request. We will contact you as soon as we receive your reservation to confirm the exact details and choices available and to reply to any questions or special requests you may have.

Booking and Payment

You can book online or by fax and you can telephone or Skype us directly if you have any queries about the booking. Just follow the simple three-step procedure below:


E-mail us with your details and requests.


We will contact you with confirmations of hotel and airline availability and a complete quotation for the trip cost.


Once you are happy with the arrangements you confirm your booking with us. We send you payment details and make a provisional flight reservation so that you can book international flights.


Payment finalizes your confirmation and allows us to process your visa and make confirmed airline reservations. Payment is made to Bhutan Visit via the government’s Department of Tourism’s international bank account by bank transfer. The government will not begin the process of issuing visas and Druk Air and the hotels will not confirm our bookings until your payment has reflected in the government account. Once royalties have been deducted they issue the remainder to Bhutan Visit. This process takes some time so in order not to face inconveniences please make your bank transfer as soon as STEP 3 is completed.